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Discipline Policy

Kids' Kingdom Learning Center purposes to provide your child with love, guidance, and opportunities for developmentally appropriate learning experiences within an environment that fosters Christian beliefs and principles. Since we believe in providing an age appropriate and actively engaging programs, few discipline problems should occur because children who are actively involved do not have time to act out in a negative manner. We do realize that sometimes a discipline problem may occur, and we have outlined an appropriate discipline policy that never involves any form of corporal punishment. Kids' Kingdom believes that children should be treated with love and guidance. Children will never be punished, mistreated, embarrassed, ridiculed, or left alone as a form of discipline. Children will not discipline other children.

Appropriate behavior is expected of each child; however, when a discipline problem does arise, Kids' Kingdom staff will strive to teach acceptable behavior and self-control through the following practices.

  • The teacher will guide the child in focusing on the appropriate behavior.
  • The teacher will help the child realize why his/her behavior choice was not appropriate.
  • The teacher will guide the child in a manner that builds self-esteem and teaches self-control.
  • The teacher will be consistent with the child and create a guidance plan that is individualized and specific to the child.
  • The teacher will guide the child in a manner that is developmentally and age appropriate.
  • The teacher will never use embarrassment, humiliation, making an example of the child, or physical/verbal punishment as an attempt in changing a child's behavior.
  • It is not uncommon for children to bite one another. There are many reasons why children bite including frustration, hunger, lack of self-control and/or a fear of personal space violation. Biting is often an impulsive way of gaining attention. Our caregivers give their undivided attention to the children, but preventing biting 100% of the time is virtually impossible.
  • If a child is bitten, our childcare teachers will focus their attention on the victim, thereby avoiding negative reinforcement of the biter. Our caregiver will clean the bite with antiseptic and apply a bandage. This procedure will be followed even if the skin is not broken. To avoid swelling, an ice pack will also be applied. The biter will be encouraged to "stroke" the victim in an effort to reinforce positive interaction.
  • Biting will remain confidential in our center. Both parents will receive an accident report concerning the biting. The parents of the victim will be notified at home or work if the bite is in a prominent place on the body, and/or is considered to be a serious injury,
  • The biter will be shown where he or she bit the victim. The biter will be advised that this caused pain and sadness for the victim. We want to teach the children how to love each other and interact with one another in a positive fashion. Our caregivers will monitor the "biter" in an effort to redirect him/her as needed.

Three occurrences of biting in a day warrant a call to the parents from the Director. 15 bites in a 2 month period will result in a withdrawal from the center. Normally, a plan to deter biting will be discussed and a probationary period will be determined. However, if it is the opinion of the Director or the Board of Directors, that the biter's behavior poses a severe threat to the children, the biter may be suspended or discharged without notice.