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Health and Safety

Health and Illness

Small children can become ill very quickly. Kids' Kingdom teachers will observe each child's health throughout the time the child is in their care. If a team member observes signs and symptoms of illness that would require removal from the childcare facility, he/she will contact the parent/guardian to have the child picked up and continue to observe the child for other signs and symptoms. If the child is not responding, is having trouble breathing, or is having a seizure or convulsion, 911 will be called.

The following conditions require exclusion from childcare:
  • LICE
  • RASH

Allergies and Medication

All allergies must be listed on the Kids' Kingdom enrollment form. If applicable, please attach a doctor's statement.

Kids' Kingdom will need a signed consent form (found in the enrollment form) on file for a child before administering any medications. The medication must be brought from home on the day it is to be given. It must be in its original labeled container, imprinted with the child's name, original date prescribed, and dosage. The Kids' Kingdom medication logbook must be fully filled out with the medicine to be administered, dosage, last given, time to be given, date, and signature. Medicine prescribed to someone other than the child will never be accepted or administered.

Children's Release Policy


Your child will only be released to an authorized person listed on your enrollment form. In case of an emergency or an unforeseen circumstance a parent/guardian may call the Kids' Kingdom Childcare office and give authorization for someone else to pick up their child with recognition approval of parent voice by Daycare Staff. If authorization is not received by the parent/guardian prior to pickup, the child will not be released. ALL individuals authorized to pick up your child, except parent/guardian, must bring a valid driver's license because their license number and information will be checked against the information provided on the authorized pickup form. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to immediately notify Kids' Kingdom preschool of any changes to the pickup list.


The daycare center will follow a tornado drill and fire evacuation plan approved by the State Licensing Agency. The Kids' Kingdom Learning Center will transport children and infants in the vehicles available to the Learning Center such as KKLC vans and personal vehicles in the case of a disaster or emergency evacuation.

For our full emergency procedures please see our General Information

Daycare Camera System

Kids' Kingdom utilizes a childcare camera video streaming system from KidsVision. We provide access for our parents and families to see their children throughout the day, and it helps our team monitor the activities of each class. This feature is included within your tuition, therefore there is no extra charge for use. You can read more about KidsVision web camera system.

Read more about our policies in our Parent Handbook.